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Malta an opportunity to be taken.
Malta an opportunity to be taken.
Dal 05/07/2016 al 07/07/2016

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High technology in Italy is struggling to succeed on the market and most of the times loses because lack of entrepreneuship attitude,ecosystem support,funds. Whether you are a senior entrepreneur,a researcher,a student to exploit your business ideas you need to own a really competitive product,funds and a solid and dynamic environment where mix up.
Italy is this environment? Not for all initiatives,not for the moment.
We have built an agile and dynamic support system for carriers of high technologies. Bringing high tech solutions,over TRL6,towards markets with a GDP outlook of 5% or higher. Malta for several reasons and only for a while,represents a real opportunity.

We will introduce you our new model of technology transfer in a clear and effective process and the different support shema Malta is offering to innovative businesses.
Join us to discover why and how to exploit it.

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